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Sam Ndely photo credit: Profit Idowu

Why Minneapolis is becoming a melting pot for blacks in technology

Minneapolis is becoming a place where blacks in technology can thrive

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Sam Ndely
photo credit: Profit Idowu

Minneapolis is known for being home to multiple fortunes 500’s. Which tends to overshadow whats really going on behind the scenes. In an industry that lacks diversity it is starting to become less of an issue, but it does still exist. Tech startups, developers, and programs that are powered by minorities are popping up. Minneapolis is no Silicon Valley, but the networking system and available resources do exist and are building momentum. With companies like Graveti which help empower people of color launch and receive funding was founded by Samuel Ndely and Alex Rodriguez.
   Then you have USBA which stands for Urban Small Business Alliance, which helps entrepreneurs and more, network and establishes business relationships to progress in their industries. These are just two of many available resources that are available to help these tech startups build and thrive. Now let’s talk more tech, are you familiar with data management and research? If you want your business to be successful you do! Monicat Data knows the important’s of data and research. 

Jasmine Russell

Founded by Jasmine Russell, Monicat Data is an agency that specifically focuses on delivering strategic data to design, visual, and performance artist. We can’t talk about data without mentioning AskcSupply, who motto is technology solution made easy. AskcSupply does that and more, their focus is on developing small businesses and startups with innovation, training, and a solid infrastructure to ensure businesses succeed in their industries. Now let’s talk about civic engagement, but how can we without mentioning Civic Eagle
   Civic Eagle is a powerful resource made available to help the people become more engaged and be heard in the world of politics. In this day and age, our people lack the knowledge of whats going on in the world of politics. It gets deeper than that, most people feel as if they don’t have a voice or their opinion doesn’t matter. Civic Eagle is here to cure that, by giving the people a platform for their voices to be heard by those who have the power to make a change. Now if we’re going to talk about blacks in the tech world how can we not mention Mondo Davison aka “The Black Tech Guy”.

Mondo Davison
Mondo Davison

    Mondo Davison has done a superb job branding himself as “The Black Tech Guy”, wearing it proudly at every function. He literally has a shirt that says “Black Tech Guy” which is great branding because he accepts the challenge of showing that theirs no criteria of how a tech person should look. Mondo Davison is more than just a black tech guy, he’s the founder of the app MyBarJar. MyBarJar is an exactly how it sounds, it allows friends and more to put money on your bar tab and even gives you Uber credit to ride home safely. No more worrying about bringing money out. Just bring your ID and the fun’s on me. That’s a joke, but who know’s maybe I will add a few dollars to your MyBarJar to make sure you make it home safely. These are a few noticeable names that are making an impact and bringing some color to the tech world starting with Minneapolis. 

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