Listen to a podcast interview with North 4 Program Manager Will Wallace tell his story, making a change in the community, and having an impact on the youth

Program Manager Will Wallace is invested in the youth of tomorrow, hear why you should be too.

Will Wallace is helping guide the youth to a positive path away from the streets of North Minneapolis In a recent interview Will Wallace, North 4 program director has been dedicating his life to help mentor and provide a roadmap for young men of North Minneapolis coming from troubled backgrounds. Will Wallace, is well qualified for the job overcoming adversity in his own life. Dealing with being a young parent, overcoming life in the streets, and finding the courage to better himself in a toxic environment that lacked support. Advocating for those that don’t have a voice comes with its challenges, but Will Wallace has a plan on how we can help counter the oppression in our neighborhood. See the interview with North 4 program director Will Wallace below: read more

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