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DuelyBoy is waking up the sleepers in Minneapolis with a new sound

DuelyBoy is polishing his penmanship as an emerging lyrical and melodic rap artist.

Creating your own lane can be intimidating but not for this Northside Minneapolis artist, DuelyBoy. Using his music to create change in the community but also in the lives of his fans. Using inspiration from the death of a friend to focus on perfecting his craft for a greater cause. We were able to get more in-depth with the North Minneapolis artist DuelyBoy below. read more

Soul, Funk, and Spoken word how Joe Davis is speaking to the soul

Joe Davis is focused on healing through the arts

Music has been a tool for connecting words to the soul. Joe Davis, a music artist from Minneapolis has been using funk and soul to build a deeper connection with fans, the community, and the art. Using his talents to grow with his network of talented artists forming The New Renaissance LLC. We were able to get to know the soulful artist & entrepreneur in a more personal way. Read more below. read more

Creating a home for Minneapolis music artist, Wooda C Black the passion behind the music

From the streets to beats Wooda C Black is moving forward and not turning back

From the streets to beats Wooda C Black is moving forward and not turning back
Wooda C Black photo by IDO Photography

Finding your path can sometimes come at the most challenging times. Those challenging times tho help us build character and strength for the road ahead. This has been the reality for Shane Black also know as Wooda C Black. Going from being homeless in the cold streets of Minneapolis to helping music artists find their voice on stage. We had a chance to ask Wooda C Black about his path and plans for the future for this young entrepreneur/artist, read more below read more

Building an Empire in Minneapolis, Music artist LA is a Northside sound

Music artist LA of Empire is delivering the sound of the Northside

North Minneapolis is known for being the heart of the African-American culture in the Minneapolis city limits. This culture which birth the sound of the artist formerly known as Prince, is creating new voices. One of those new voices is louder than most, LA a member of the music group Empire X. His passionate delivery with an on-point charismatic flow is elevating this Minneapolis artist to the top. We had a chance to ask the young MC a few questions and get to know LA more in-depth. Learn more about LA and watch his new exclusive video below. read more

A new voice from Chicago, Kirk is here to stand out in the music industry

Kirk is taking his experiences from Chicago and using them to connect with the world.

Music Artist Kirk from Chicago, "Trapped In The Asylum Vol 2"
Music Artist Kirk from Chicago, “Trapped In The Asylum Vol 2”

Kirk foot is on the gas and isn’t slowing up and coming off a reason performance in Minneapolis, MN. Kirk is known for his Chicago sound but also his high energy that can be seen in the video below that Kirk catches the crowd and has them lost in the rhythm and beats. Coming from Chicago Kirk, has his share of memories and experiences that most of his fans can relate too. Making his rise more of a unique one, we had a chance to question Kirk on his life growing up, music, and more see more and watch below read more

More than rap, Detroit’s Eric Carter also known as Clutch Swish is setting a new standard

We had a chance to question Eric Carter also known as Clutch Swish

Music as a whole has been part of the Detroit culture since the early days of Motown. In recent years Detroit has seen plenty of hardship, with adversity builds character. Eric Carter also know as Clutch Swish, Co-Founder of Educated Bosses Mindset Music took his experience growing up and applied them to his art. We had a chance to ask the rapper slash entrepreneur a few questions about life, music, and the impact he plans to have on Detroit. Read the interview questions below: read more

Meet Detroit’s Benson Brown lll aka BB3 music artist, actor, and entrepreneur

Meet BB3 aka Benson Brown

Member of the local group The TRO Boyz Upcoming artist and actor Benson Brown III known as BB3 aka the Neighborhood Goat, 26 years of age born and raised in Detroit Michigan.

“Where I come from its rough police sirens helicopters and gunshots are something you gonna hear almost every day! It’s not so difficult being a full-time parent and full-time artist I’ve found some balance at this period and blessings been coming. I represent the struggle and becoming the voice of this generation my music is SOUL RAP a very compassionate sound of music not too many people are keeping it real I have a different role and move differently in these streets. I plan to make a difference by showing the world you can be whatever you want to be as long as you put your mind to it and never give up…” said by Benson Brown lll. read more

How to promote your music online

And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it "Riding the gravy train..." If those classic lyrics evoke images of manipulative music moguls, then you’re not alone. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You can promote your music online without anyone else taking a slice of your pie.…

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