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What is Economic Inclusion and does it matter?

There has been a lot of political, community, and business conversation around economic inclusion but do you know what it means Bazz & ENDS Media goes in-depth

Economic Inclusion by Definition

Economic inclusion refers to equality of opportunity for all members of society to participate in the economic life of their country as employers, entrepreneurs, consumers, and citizens. Fostering inclusion through active participation in the market economy involves increasing access to opportunity while generating additional economic growth. Effective strategies for inclusion engage under-represented groups in the design and implementation of policies and programs. (ref) read more

Basking in the ambiance of theatre in Atlese’s point of view

In a time when people are calling for a cultural revolution, one St.Paul woman is using the stage as a voice to connect. Theatre is an art with a rich history and ever-growing with such shows like “Hamilton” that sells out internationally. Seeing growth from the new talent, social media, and the advancement of mass media as a whole. There is a new generation of talent that is addressing the social issues within the art but also continuing to evolve the experience. Atlese has her goals set on making an impact using the stage. read more

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