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North 4 Helping Guide Young Men Of North Minneapolis

More than just an internship for young men

There has been an ongoing battle trying to save young men from the hard reality of the legal system. Due to consistent economic struggle and lack of guidance for the youth. There is no hiding the fact that we are losing our youth to the streets and shown by the mass incarceration rate. North 4 is fighting back to save our young men from there circumstances and give them the tools for a brighter future. read more

Why Minneapolis is becoming a melting pot for blacks in technology

Minneapolis is becoming a place where blacks in technology can thrive

Image result for Minneapolis Graveti
Sam Ndely
photo credit: Profit Idowu

Minneapolis is known for being home to multiple fortunes 500’s. Which tends to overshadow whats really going on behind the scenes. In an industry that lacks diversity it is starting to become less of an issue, but it does still exist. Tech startups, developers, and programs that are powered by minorities are popping up. Minneapolis is no Silicon Valley, but the networking system and available resources do exist and are building momentum. With companies like Graveti which help empower people of color launch and receive funding was founded by Samuel Ndely and Alex Rodriguez.
   Then you have USBA which stands for Urban Small Business Alliance, which helps entrepreneurs and more, network and establishes business relationships to progress in their industries. These are just two of many available resources that are available to help these tech startups build and thrive. Now let’s talk more tech, are you familiar with data management and research? If you want your business to be successful you do! Monicat Data knows the important’s of data and research.  read more

Jovan Shabazz | The Influencer, Designer ,Founder

Meet “Mr. Jack Of All Trade” Jovan Shabazz the Founder of ENDS Media 

Business is booming at 13-year-old's hot dog stand in Minneapolis 2


Early Life

Jovan Shabazz born and raised in Detroit, MI in the month of September. Growing up in an urban city such as Detroit, he was exposed to numerous cultures and experiences. Being the youngest out of his siblings he was able to navigate the choice of selection easily. Detroit is known for its rich African American culture and its urban art. read more

Meet Tech Social Influencer Salman Elmi “The Online Expert”

Meet one of our top tech influencers Salman Elmi

Salman Elmi
Left Salman Elmi, Right Jovan Shabazz

ENDS Media has some of the brightest personalities. These influencers are making their presence and influence be felt from around the world. 

Meet Salman Elmi

Salman pride comes from watching the people and businesses he does work with grow and reach their full potential. He has worked on multiple projects during his short career and had been able to learn a lot from every single one of them. He is also the Co-Founder of First Web Group a digital marketing agency. read more

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