Dominic Wiggins

The man behind the Detroit sport apparel brand that embraces the youth, Dominic Wiggins.

Dominic Wiggins and his company YNF Clothing and Sport Apparel is making a difference in Detroit.

Cleat covers by Dominic Wiggins, founder of the YNF Clothing and Sport Apparel

Detroit is known for its hardworking spirit but also its connection to fashion and love for its own. Dominic Wiggins, founder of the YNF Clothing and Sport Apparel is building momentum in the city of Detroit and it’s youth. We had a chance to question Dominic Wiggins about his company and their plans moving forwards. These are Dominic’s answers below:

Questions #1 Who you are where you from?

“My name Dominic Wiggins from Detroit, Michigan I played football for west 7 rams/Mumford, my business YNF CLOTHING AND SPORTS APPAREL located in Detroit.” – Dominic Wiggins 

Question #2 How are you and your company making a difference?

“My business is based off youth student Athletes, to mentor the youth and to show them a better way other than drugs to make money. We show them how to reinvest into something they own and to be they’re own boss because the kids is our future.” Dominic Wiggins

Questions #3 What was some of the ups and downs?

“I’m tired of our youth dying at an early age..”

Question #4 What can we expect from you in the future?

“I just want bring our  black community together and support each other.”

Question #5 In needed how can people contact or get involved?

Contact me through via Facebook Atmfresh Wiggins 
Instagram _ynfclothing or 3137537566

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