North 4 Youth Program

North 4 Helping Guide Young Men Of North Minneapolis

More than just an internship for young men

There has been an ongoing battle trying to save young men from the hard reality of the legal system. Due to consistent economic struggle and lack of guidance for the youth. There is no hiding the fact that we are losing our youth to the streets and shown by the mass incarceration rate. North 4 is fighting back to save our young men from there circumstances and give them the tools for a brighter future.

Meet Mr.Will

North 4 Youth Program is overseen by the man they call Mr.Will, a man who survived these obstacles with his story to tell. Using his testimony to show his truth and sincerity to the youth he’s helping to provide a way for.  Seeing the world from both sides help give these kids an honest perspective from someone that comes from the same situation. Where guidance is lacked, one man and his movement is providing it and with tough love. Teaching them to hold their selves accountable and to see the bigger picture.

How North 4 is helping our youth


North 4 Project

Providing a 16-week internship for young men of the community in need. This is not just your typical internship, learning professionalism and worth ethic is just the scratch of the surface. Offering mentorship, guidance and other assistance they’re helping these young men build stability and a roadmap for success. Taking young men on college tours and checking on each individual making sure they’re staying on course is not only it either. How about giving young men an example of what they can achieve, giving them hope, and showing them someone cares about them. Something most of these young men don’t experience.

Learn more about North 4, sign up, or see how you can help here

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