Listen to Young Mi$tro & Money Mel song War Ready

The talent Detroit Group TRO Boys is here with a hot single War Ready


Hometown the city of Detroit, on the east side of Detroit a group TRO Boys was formed. TRO Boys is not just a group, complete with members that are considered nothing but family and some are literally family members. TRO Boys is not just a group but a music label, fashion, and a statement. From features with notable Detroit artist and a consistency in the music game these brothers are for real. Growing up on the east side Detroit many of the TRO Boys members have already endured the hardship of their environments. That’s what gives them their edge from one mmber being shot with an AK 47 before even attending high school, constant dealibg with legal issues, and dealings with the trauma from death of loves ones is felt in their lyrics. Currently TRO Boys members has released solo projects, as well as colobarative group projects. You have now discovered another talent Detroit music product making a name. You can find more of TRO Boys music on ENDS by typing in the search above but as well as on Spotify, YouTube, AppleMusic, and more.

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