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Stream ENDS Hip-Hop and R&B Radio with your host Bazz including guest while listening to the best underground and mainstream Hip-Hop and R&B music.

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  1. ENDS Hip-Hop and R&B Online Radio by ENDS Music

Know a music artist who needs to have their voice heard? or want to Shout out a friend or movement?

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Local & Mainstream Music Artist: We provide a wide music selection from the artist known locally and worldwide. We are not controlled by a record label so we play who we want when we want! 

Radio Personalities & Guest Speakers: You will have a chance to listen to radio personalities touch on current topics as well as interviews with the artist, community figures, and Entrepreneurs

Fans and Viewers Shoutouts and opinions: We give our audience a chance to engage with the world by submitting their self-recorded shoutout audio

Review Process & Turnaround Time: It will take 3-7 business days for faster posting make a generous donation this allows us to hire and pay for equipment that will speed up the process! Anything will be appreciated!

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