Paid Per Post jobs, Bonuses, Sales commission, Pay Per Click

Join ENDS Tribe Writing Affiliates with Paid Per Post jobs, Bonuses, Sales commission, Pay Per Click

Join the best Writing team with Paid Per Post jobs, Bonuses, Sales commission, Pay Per Click and more

ENDS Media is looking for inspiring and professional writers that can showcase their writing creativity and skills. ENDS Media is seeking writers who are looking for a platform to post their content. When you post with ENDS Media  your article post automatically gets reviewed for payment bonus elgibility and free promotion opportunities. If your post showcase high traffic, unique content, and good tone of voice you will be invited to pay per post jobs. You’ll also be equiped with your own affiliate link so when your viewers shop on our site or buy services you will be paid sales commision and recurring commissions to your paypal account.

Here are the features of being part of the ENDS Tribe Writer Influencer & Affiliate:

  • Bonuses
  • Free Merchandise
  • Free promotion & Advertisement
  • Community Member
  • Free Tools & Resources
  • Sales Commission (One-time payout)
  • Monthly subscription recurring commission (Monthly Payout, as long as they pay monthly)
  • Guest Blogging Access
  • Blogger Profile With Article Portfolio
  • Paid Article Opportunies

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Pay Per Post Job Opportunities

By being a ENDS Tribe Writer Influencer & Affiliate your writing skills can land you writing jobs and steady flow of income. Jobs ranging from 250-2000 word articles with payouts ranging from $1-$2 per 100 words. Invites will be sent by email on a periodic basis.

Free Merchandise

When ENDS Tribe Writers reach milestones such as dedicated writer, pay per post jobs delivered milestone, article views and more you will be shipped merchandise for free thanking you for contricutions.

Free Article Promotion & Advertisement

ENDS Media will promote our ENDS Tribe Writers  articles through our social media influnces and subscribers for newly published articles and hot topic articles. Articles that our generating high unique  views we will purchase paid ads to generate more traffic and exposure to your audience.

Paid Per Click

You will be paid for viewers that click on our ads that are placed on your article pages. So if we make 100 dollars from advertisement placement on your article page you make $10 which is 10% of the earnings.

ENDS Tribe Writer Influencer & Affiliate Sales Commission percentage :
Beginner Rep= 20-30% (0-10 sales per month including recurring subscriptions)
Gold Rep = 40-50% (15-20 sales per month including recurring subscriptions)
All-star Rep = 50-60%( 25-30 sales per month including recurring subscriptions)

ENDS Tribe Writer Influencer & Affiliate Bonuses:

  • $20 Milestone bonus for reaching sale member level (gold, or all-star)!
  • $20 milestone bonus for 20,000 unique views
  • $200 milestone bonus for 2500,000 unique views
  • Free Merchandise for reaching 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, 500,000, 1 million
  • $200 dollars bonus for every $1100 in sales!
  • $2000 in sales will get you a $300 bonus, blog features on site, a podcast interview with our team, and YouTube video interview
  • $20000 in sales will get you a $2000 bonus

Resources Available:
Guest blog post to our sites
Social media shout outs and promotion
Featured on our company site as a team member (for credibility).
Company email (if needed)
Press release of your hiring (branding & credibility purposes)
Real-time sales tracking
Traffic & link click tracking
24/7 Support

Payment Detail

  • Payout twice a month
  • 15th of the month (monthly bonus paid & recurring subscription payout)
  • 1st of the month ( sales payout)
  • All payments are made via paypal

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