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The Jeep Rubicon Automatic Gladiator is one of the most popular pickup trucks out of the group of pickups because of the length of the bed running at 60 inches and with the capacity of Towing up to 7,650 lbs and it also would be great for snowy winters and construction workers. And It Also shocked me because you expect a big pickup truck like the gladiator to be slow but it not it has a 3.6L V6 engine and with the horsepower of 285 and its only one pickup truck that I found that can beat the gladiator’s Horsepower and Its the Ram 1500. I like the Gladiator because it has space for friends and space for construction work. And it has different modes it can switch to like if you have icy roads during the winter Dunlop Winter Maxx Wm01 tires that you can add to the build and price package online. And those tires have specialized rubber compounds designed to have good traction in freezing temperatures and on icy roads. And the tread on winter tires have special grooves and biting edges specifically engineered to dig into the snow to get maximum traction during the winter. And don’t let the all-season tires fool you because those tires aren’t ready for the worst wheaters     

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