Helping the Twin Cities, 1 Family 1 Community at a time

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As Minneapolis & St.Paul tech industry boom so does the cost of living.

Homeless in Minneapolis
Homeless issues in the Twin Cities
The Twin City has been booming with its rising industries. Brand new renovations to the Minnesota Timberwolves arena, a new Vikings stadium sponsored by US bank. Which hosted the 2018 NFL Super Bowl is just some new editions to the growing metropolitan. The tech startup, corporate brands, and other industries are booming and picking up strides. For this, you also see a spike in housing cost and ridiculous housing requirements.Those who are renting are seeing shady deals with landlords. 
Others may be seeking homeownership but are experiencing barriers finding home ownership and opportunities. 

Help is here! 1 family 1 community at a time

By offering assistance with housing for those in the twin cities area, 1 Family 1 Community is fighting back against housing issues. With classes on home ownership and first-time buyers information and training sessions their preparing these Minnesota residents. Advocating for renters and the homeless is also another way their contributions to the current issue of regentrification. They know with the area booming rent rates and the housing market is seeing a high increase over the last 5 years and will continue. So what will happen to the people who can barely keep up with the current economic pressures? They will have a helping hand with assistance from 1 Family 1 Community1.

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