From NYC to Minneapolis, Nick Napo is holding the torch for the Jamaican Culture

We are the voice of culture, but Nick Napo is the Voice of Jamaican culture in the Twin Cities.

We stand behind are statement, “We are the voice of the Culture”. We’re shining our lights on one of the top Jamaican culture influences in the Midwest. Nick Napo from Brooklyn now in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis,MN) pioneering a new taste in a city that is already a cultural melting pot. Founding the company 5 Star Thing Conglomerate, a group of entities that specializes in promotion, event planning, consultation and more. We had a chance to ask Nick Napo a few questions about what he and 5 Star Thing Conglomerate does but also how he and his team plan on making a impact.

Question #1 Who you are and where are you from?

I am an Artist of all sorts but I’m also promoter and cultural historian from Brooklyn, NYC, said by Nick Napo.

Question #2 How did you get into the business or industry your in?

I Got into the business here in the Twin Cities as a transplant from the East Coast who saw a need and void. that has to be filled as it relates, food , music, art ,Jamaican culture and a niche market, said by Nick Napo.

Question #3 What was some of the ups and downs?

The ups and downs I would say go in accordance with the weather out in these part. It’s an up hill battle to get patrons and supporters out when it’s cold in the winter time for event. But it’s more of level playing field and brighter possibility in Spring Summer time to engage the people, said by Nick Napo.

Question #4 How are you and your company making a difference?

My company (5 Star Thing Conglomerate) is making a difference to empower more people from the Afro diaspora within the levels and realms of the arts, health and uplifting towards personal development, said by Nick Napo.

Question #5 What can we expect from you in the future?

The Future is to broaden and magnify the scope of message and methodology so that it can reach more people in other countries through different mediums to spark the receptive minds in our time, Nick Napo

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