Farr Well "He's Got A Gun" Album

Farr Well “He’s Got A Gun” Album & Back Story

Social awareness, community activist, and just good music Farr Well’s “He Got A Gun” Album is hope

“HE’S GOT A GUN” is Farr Well’s contribution to the gun violence conversation in North MPLS and beyond! An exploration of gun violence in poor, black, and oppressed communities in the United States. Farr Well also touch on deep topics such as mental illness, purpose and the plight of being an artist.

Interludes By Those Who Care…

Download: farrwell.bandcamp.com/album/hes-got-a-gun

“I picked up a camera because it was my choice of weapon against what I hated most about the universe: racism, intolerance, poverty. I could have just as easily picked up a knife or gun, like many of my childhood friends did…” – Gordon Parks

Listen to Farr Well “He’s Got A Gun” below

Download He’s Got A Gun

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