DuelyBoy is waking up the sleepers in Minneapolis with a new sound 1

DuelyBoy is waking up the sleepers in Minneapolis with a new sound

DuelyBoy is polishing his penmanship as an emerging lyrical and melodic rap artist.

Creating your own lane can be intimidating but not for this Northside Minneapolis artist, DuelyBoy. Using his music to create change in the community but also in the lives of his fans. Using inspiration from the death of a friend to focus on perfecting his craft for a greater cause. We were able to get more in-depth with the North Minneapolis artist DuelyBoy below.

DuelyBoy is waking up the sleepers
DuelyBoy is waking up the sleepers

Who is DuelyBoy?

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a slept-on well of talent, DuelyBoy [Duely] aims to build an international platform through grassroots efforts. Abdul-Hafeez Nakumbe, originally Young A and rechristened Duely in college, is a Black American Muslim. Duely’s a father is from the Bronx, NY and his ummi is from Phoenix, AZ – they met in Sota. Navigating religion, ethnicity, and white spaces have grounded DuelyBoy with a unique perspective as he unveils himself to the world. DuelyBoy, is polishing his penmanship as an emerging lyrical and melodic rap artist. DuelyBoy’s music is introspectively reflective and pulls from anecdotal experiences and personal observations. Unsurprisingly, Duely has an affinity with the Boom Bap style and his early works demonstrate his search for novelty.
As a middle child with inherent aspirations to inspire, Duely’s stage presence is organic, authentic, and refreshing, showcasing a goofy personality accompanied by off-beat dance moves. Duely built a reputation during college as a promising talent performing at open mic showcases, culture nights, and freestyle cyphers at house parties. DuelyBoy, gives us a savory sample of his potential in his debut mixtape, Ms. Hip Hop, which dropped September 13th, 2019. Ms. Hip Hop is a significant body of work, indicating Duely has carved out a niche conscious-trap style within the rap arena. Ms.Hip Hop is consistent with Duely’s reflective lens, highlighting his growth mindset and foreshadows proceeding bodies of work including, College Bullshit.

Question #1 Who are you and where you from?

“I’m from Minneapolis. I grew up primarily in North and Northeast Minneapolis.” Said by DuelyBoy

Question #2 What do you do? And why?

“I am a Songwriter and Performing Artist. I make music as a vehicle for change. Specifically, to educate the masses, build community, and challenge ideas.” Said by DuelyBoy

Question #3 What inspired you to get started?

“What inspired me? The younger generation. The death of a friend. The circumstances of my community. And ultimately, the desire to find myself. ” Said by DuelyBoy

Question #4 What are some obstacles you had or have to face during your journey.

“One of my biggest obstacles was completing college. I felt it was a necessity to accomplish my goals. It took me 6 years to complete my 4-year degree which includes me being suspended for a year. As a student, I had to overcome imposter syndrome on a predominantly white campus and be comfortable not fitting in. During my last semester of school is when I lost one of my closest friends. There were also family issues during this time. I swallowed all of this pain and kept it pushing. I graduated in May 2017 then completed my internship in Chapel Hill, NC before returning home to Minneapolis. ” Said by DuelyBoy

Question #5 How do you plan on having an impact in Minneapolis?

“First, my hope is to influence the industry to put a microscope on Minneapolis – there is so much talent from here but often many leave in pursuit of their dreams. My goal is to change the perception that you have to leave to “make it big”. Secondly, I want to build an industry-standard studio in North Minneapolis to provide more access to the next generation of musicians and performing artists. ” Said by DuelyBoy

Question #6 How can people follow or learn more?

People can follow all my socials. My Facebook Page – Duely Records to get the latest updates and music content.


Twitter: http://bit.ly/Duely
Instagram: http://bit.ly/duelyrecords
Facebook: http://bit.ly/fb_Duely
Youtube: http://bit.ly/yt_Duely

E: duelyrecords@gmail.com

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