Chicago music artist Kirk

A new voice from Chicago, Kirk is here to stand out in the music industry

Kirk is taking his experiences from Chicago and using them to connect with the world.

Music Artist Kirk from Chicago, "Trapped In The Asylum Vol 2"
Music Artist Kirk from Chicago, “Trapped In The Asylum Vol 2”

Kirk foot is on the gas and isn’t slowing up and coming off a reason performance in Minneapolis, MN. Kirk is known for his Chicago sound but also his high energy that can be seen in the video below that Kirk catches the crowd and has them lost in the rhythm and beats. Coming from Chicago Kirk, has his share of memories and experiences that most of his fans can relate too. Making his rise more of a unique one, we had a chance to question Kirk on his life growing up, music, and more see more and watch below

Question #1 Who are you and where you from?

“My name Kyren . But everybody Know Me as Kirk , Or BiG k .. tha name i took from my pops . ” said by Kirk

Question #2 What do you do? And why?

“I’m a musician. I make real Music , based on my Life , and the things ive been threw. ” said by Kirk

Question #3 What inspired you to get started?

“What inspired me too Start rapping . was the death of my brother . He was killed due too gun violence, in 2017. We had a rap group called “2MAK” two man army klick . ” said by Kirk

Question #4 What are some obstacles you had or have to face during your journey.

” My manager, my other brother . Had killed himself , this year in july, that really FUCKED my head up. Cause everything pertaining music . He was always the first one involved. ” said by Kirk

Question #5 How do you plan on having a impact in Detroit?

“I’m from Chicago , but i live in Minnesota , the impact , i plan on having is too stand out , from the rest of the artists, i stand out differently, cause i make music , that people can relate too.” said by Kirk

Question #6 How can people follow or learn more?

“Im on facebook kirko kellz , instagram kirk_2mak_ceo . Also . snapchat kirko_kelly” said by Kirk

Live Performance by Kirk

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