3 Things Learned While Trying to Execute! #FOCUS

3 Things Learned While Trying to Execute! #FOCUS post thumbnail image

Becoming your best, so you can overcome a situation, obstacle, or challenge you are up against. Recently Bazz, moved back to his hometown Detroit, Mi to help rebuild using his experience and resources gained while being out of state. When it comes to building in a city like Detroit you’re going to face distractions and obstacles that will push you to tap into your inner BEAST Mode. Accepting and using the challenges you face to make your dream a reality.

Eatingndastreets = Making the most out of your current circumstances.

1. Prioritize Time

2. Limit your Distraction

3. Know what you sacrificing for, everybody not on your same path.

ENDS Bazz Bio & Story

Born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, ENDS Bazz was exposed to the beauty and chaos of the Motor City. With the birth of Motown and hood legends like Blade Icewood or hip-hop sensations like Eminem, growing up ENDS Bazz was exposed to many different sounds and approaches that you can see in his cadences today. With vivid storytelling, you gain the perspective of someone who has endured trauma but also gained character from his environment. Which inspired the creation of “ENDS” which is an LLC, Brand, and Non-Profit, and the passion for entrepreneurship that later grew into music and fashion. ENDS Bazz is the host of ENDS Podcast, Founder of ENDS Media & ENDS The Family, and lead fashion designer for ENDS Clothing.


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