Buying my first house in Detroit for $1500

Buying my first house in Detroit for $1500 post thumbnail image

During a time of social awareness and social injustice, the community is becoming a key topic in media today. We want to shed light on a not so traditional way of buying your first home in one of the blackest community in America. A way that many Detroiters can benefit from, especially in a city that is predominately African American. That has numerous vacant properties that with some work and investment can become homes again. Shabazz bought his first home in Detroit using the Detroit Land Bank Authority site under their “Own it Now” property listing, this is the beginning of his journey.

Topics covered:

  • Learning How to Bid
  • Losing my first bid
  • Winning my first bid
  • The DLBA Process
  • Tips from my experience Jovan “Bazz” Shabazz

Video of Shabazz talking about the purchase:

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