Be Inspired, Branding & Relationships with Will Wallace Testimony

Be Inspired, Branding & Relationships with Will Wallace Testimony post thumbnail image

  Learn how powerful it is to create a brand or value in a relationship that inspires other. We use stories from North 4 manager and Guest Speaker Will Wallace.
   Will Wallace is Manager of North 4 and Special Projects. He is a 20+ year veteran of youth and community work in North Minneapolis. He was part of the creation of the 2008 City of Minneapolis Blueprint for Action to Prevent Youth Violence. He has been a voice for engagement between police and community during times of crisis, such as the police shooting of Mr. Jamar Clark. Will has also consulted with the Minneapolis Public Schools for many years working with K-8 students promoting healing from the traumas of poverty, racism, and community violence.
  His unique expertise in working with youth who have been raised in the situation of violence and trauma and then become involved with gangs and/or the justice system was foundational to the development and launch of the EMERGE’s North 4 Program in 2010 and to its successful operation over several years.  Two years ago, Will left EMERGE to focus on community work, and we are proud to announce his return to lead the North 4 program in 2018.  Will Wallace holds a Global Career Development Facilitator certification , and has both participated in and led multiple trainings on youth violence prevention, mediation, healing from racial trauma, community engagement, trauma informed care, and related topics
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